Thursday, June 18, 2009

More biodiesel coming to New Haven port

Innovation Fuels has plans to expand distribution operations into New Haven. The New Jersey-based company hopes to move about 12 million gallons per year through New Haven's port. The fuel will then be distributed throughout the region via rail and truck.

In tandem with the recent news that Greenleaf Buiofuels is building a production facility in the same neighborhood, New Haven is shaping up to be a regional epicenter for the renewable fuel.

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Helios Power and Control said...

Spending a week here on Cape Cod in "progressive" Massachusetts, I'm seeing bio-diesel pumps at fuel stations, mostly marked B5(5% biodiesel). But one station on rte. 6 in Truro sells B20. At a premium, of course. Bruce, will this influx of bio result in more B5 pumps in CT,or do we need a legislative boost?

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