Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Gasoline is an "alternative fuel"????

Rosa DeLauro has submitted a bill that would allow gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles to qualify as "alternative fuel vehicles". This would allow states to meet federally mandated fleet requirements by purchasing hybrids instead of CNG or flex-fuel vehicles. She points out that drivers of "flex-fuel" vehicles only choose to fuel up with ethanol about 3 percent of the time, using gasoline the rest of the time.

Though I recognize the dilemma here, this proposal clearly offers no solution. Hybrids run on gasoline, which cannot considered an "alternative" by any stretch of the imagination. If we include hybrids then why not turbo-diesels, which can provide higher fuel economy than some hybrids?

The fleet requirements are not intended to address simple fuel economy, they are intended to create a market and infrastructure for use of alternative fuels. If the government wants to promote alternatives, it is not going change much by simply re-labeling gasoline as an alternative fuel. A more sensible solution would be to bring more ethanol and biodiesel fueling pumps into the state.

Renewable Energy Assoc. of CT.

A Trumbull-based biofuels consulting firm has announced the birth of the Renewable Energy Association of Connecticut. REAC is looking for charter organizations, primarily those involved with developing solar, wind and biofuel. Click here and here for more info.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Solar Divinity

There was a dedication yesterday for a 40KW solar system installed at the Yale Divinity School. You can check this website to see how much power this installation is generating throughout the day in real time. Yale went double-dutch and split the bill with us.

Chicken power

"Chicken Manure and tree-trimmings" will be the main ingredients for this proposed 30MW concoction. It is one of 11 projects endorsed by CCEF and awaiting approval by the DPUC.

Another naysayer has claimed that it is unfeasible to replace current energy demands with renewable sources. Hogwash. Thankfully, the author covers both sides of the story with equal attention.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

NRG joins climate action group

NRG, which owns some of the dirtiest power plants in Connecticut, announced that it is joining the call for federal limits for greenhouse gases.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Coming and going

Looks like Hamden may be saying hello to a fuel cell system, providing clean electricity and heat for the pool. Funding to be provided by me and you through CCEF.

CT is considered the fuel cell capital of the US, but we may be losing one of our heavy hitters. Proton Energy, which has the rare distinction of actually producing a profit-generating fuel cell product, is up on the bidding block.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

One Thing

I was pleased to see that Governor Rell is replacing all the incandescents in the Gov's Mansion with CFLs, but kind of surprised that is wasn't done years ago. I can't stress enough what a simple and effective means of conserving energy this is. I bought a new home recently and it took me a month or two to replace the bulbs, but my electricity bill shot down by 32%. Click here to see why they are a no-brainer.

The Gov was kicking off the "One Thing" energy efficiency campaign and also recommended smart energy practices like buying local foods and washing clothes in cold water.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Spring Break...Bridgeport?

According to Lisa Dondy of the CCEF, "Bridgeport has more sunny days than Miami...". I'm not so sure where she got that data, but NREL finds that the Bridgeport sun averages about 15% less radiation than the Miami sun (Wh/m^2/day). Not too shabby.
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