Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Fight the Hike gets cred from New Haven Board of Aldermen

Fight The Hike, a grass-roots community group dedicated to rolling back recent UI rate hikes, got an endorsement yesterday from the New Haven Board of Aldermen. Read here for more. The board endorsed their call to reduce electricity rates while also investing in more renewable energy.

At the same meeting, apparently in an effort to keep those electric bills from dropping too low, the Board seemed poised to re-commit funding for the city's free electric trolley system.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Upcoming events

Sorry for the short notice on some of these:

Wed, November 14th @ 6:30 PM
Alchemy Cafe in Hartford
Sierra Club CLEAN ENERGY House Parties across the nation
In an effort to push the Federal energy bill across the finish line the Sierra Club is organizing two national call-in days to Congress--November 9 and 15. They are asking us to host house parties the night before one of the call-in days, on either November 8 or 14. Ask ten friends and neighbors to drop by, watch the "Kilowatt Ours" DVD and make cell-phone calls asking other friends and neighbors to commit to contacting their elected representatives the next day. You'll be provided with the free DVD Kilowatt Ours \ when you sign up to help.
Sat, November 17th @ 7PM
Unitarian Society of Hartford 50 Bloomfield Avenue, Hartford (1/10 mile north from intersection of Rts. 44 & 189)
People's Action for Clean Energy Annual Meeting
"Solutions to an Inconvenient Truth II"
Come meet solar energy installers and environmental exhibitors, and listen to a presentation "Heading Toward Zero Energy Buildings" by renowned solar builder Steven Strong.
Admission is free to the public. Donations are welcome.
Pizza and exhibits between 5 and 7PM, Event 7PM
(860) 693-4813 or www.pace-cleanenergy.org
Sat, November 17th 10AM-4PM
Cornwall Consolidated School Rt 128 and Cream Hill Road
Cornwall Energy Fair
Come for a panel discussion, vendors and exhibitors, an auto show and film festival
Panel Discussion (10:30am-Noon):
Global and Connecticut Warming -Roger Smith, Connecticut Climate Coalition
Home Energy Efficiency -Rebecca Meye Rep., NE Utilities
Green Sustainable Building - Jon Harkness, EBM Services
House Tour (1-4 pm):
Solar and Geothermal Solutions
Kids Program (10:30am-Noon):
Calculate your Ecological Footprint
Film Fest (1-4 pm):
Inconvenient Truth- Al Gore
Al Gore Interview with Charlie Rose
Too Hot Not to Handle-interviews with scientist/innovators
The Warming of Connecticut- Jennifer Boyd

Direct Energy

Another electricity supplier is available to Connecticut residents. Read Luther Turmelle's story in the New Haven Register.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Competition drives UP electricity prices

The New York Times has revealed a new study which shows that electricity prices in states with deregulated markets have risen "much more" than those without competitive energy markets. The same data was referenced in a separate study by the Electric Power Supply Association to indicate a 15% price increase (which they labeled "slight") in deregulated states over regulated states. I think to truly compare the effects of deregulation, one would have to somehow take into account other factors such as regional fuel prices, congestion effects and then compare these effects to all states included in the study. That said, I still think the results shown are probably valid.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Bundle up! Home weatherization assistance available

CL&P, CNG and Yankee Gas are offering to send energy experts out to the homes of qualifying customers to ensure that they are operating efficiently. Free services include:
  • Find and professionally seal drafts, cracks and leaks in your windows and doors
  • Add insulation to your walls and attic, if needed
  • Determine if you qualify for energy-efficient appliance and heating system upgrades
  • Provide and install energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs and table lamps
  • Install water conservation equipment, such as faucet aerators and low-flow shower heads, if needed
  • Provide additional efficiency measures, as needed
Qualification for the program is based on income and the percentage of that income spent on energy (click here for specifics). The program is called WRAP (Weatherization Residential Assistance Partnership) and is paid for by the state-mandated "conservation charge" on your electricity bill.

Cold weather is creeping up quickly, so even if you do not qualify for the WRAP program, there may be other options available to you. Browse through the following programs and see if they apply to you.

CT Energy Efficiency Fund

Yankee Gas

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Oil accident

Doesn't truck transport just seem like an outdated way to haul energy around? Someday we're going to shock our grandchildren with stories of how we used public highways as a distribution network for deadly, toxic substances. I looked unsuccessfully for some data to compare deaths per BTU due to oil accidents vs. natural gas.

Just my deep, dark thought for the day.
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