Saturday, November 3, 2007

Oil accident

Doesn't truck transport just seem like an outdated way to haul energy around? Someday we're going to shock our grandchildren with stories of how we used public highways as a distribution network for deadly, toxic substances. I looked unsuccessfully for some data to compare deaths per BTU due to oil accidents vs. natural gas.

Just my deep, dark thought for the day.

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Bob said...

Many strange things in energy.

The transmission lines for electricity distribution lose about 1/2 of the energy put in.

More local generation would save huge amounts of money. How about electricity generation in your basement? Or in your cul-de-sac?

Think of the cost of maintaining all those power poles, lines, towers, plants.

And I'd like to know why home heating oil is just as pricey as automobile gas? Considering gas has a ~40% in taxes and home heating oil does not. And considering home heating oil is less refined and does not have to be sold on pricey real estate corners. huh?

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