Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Greenleaf to produce biofuel in New Haven

Greenleaf Biofuels, based in Guilford, CT, was awarded $1.3 million from the state of Connecticut to support a major biodiesel production facility in New Haven.  With 6.7 million gallons of renewable biodiesel pumping out every year (over 18,000 gallons per day), this will be one of the largest biodiesel facilities in the Northeast.   The plant will use waste oil as feedstock and is said to be a "next generation" facility.  Would love to hear more details.


Sustain man said...

This is good for new haven and ct. Hopefully I will be able to get some b100 soon

Helios Power and Control said...

who gets to burn the biodiesel? as yet undecided? the capacity sounds like enough to run most of the heavy trucks in the CT state vehicle fleet. I can't burn bio in my Sprinter, nor can most small-vehicle diesels without serious conversion. But I'd love to see 18 wheelers on I95 blowing no smoke,and smelling only of french fries.

CT Energy said...

There is plenty of market for biodiesel in the Northeast. Biodiesel requires no conversion for diesel vehicles manufactured since 1995 and it is commonly offered in a blend with petroleum diesel. Your Sprinter will run fine with a 5-20% blend.

Also, it is commonly blended with home heating oil. For the past several years, the demand for biodiesel has grown much faster than capacity can expand to meet the need.

CT Energy said...

I think your Sprinter warranty allows up to 5% blend (B5), though you would not likely incur any damage using up to 20% (B20). Check forums for more information.


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