Friday, July 10, 2009

Free energy audits still available for UI customers

UI offers "free" energy audits and energy-related improvements to many households within their customer base. The program is administered by United Illuminating and is funded by a state-mandated charge on your electric bill.

For more information on UI's program,
Call 877-WISE-USE

CL&P customers are offered a similar program (click here).


Superior Lighting said...

I help manage a hotel, so we are always looking for good light bulb wholesalers for our hotel and

restaurants. We only use energy star rated bulbs that minimize the environmental impact.

aljabar said...

nice blog..

Anonymous said...

The CarbonTwin project was created to promote free exchange of Carbon Offsets between members who simply share their carbon offsets (for no compensation!) with members with higher carbon footprints.

Mover Packer said...
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Anonymous said...

Only audits for low-income people (UI Helps) are free. Home Energy Solutions is a good deal but a $75 co-pay is required.

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