Thursday, June 28, 2007

Spanish Gas

According to this article in the New Haven Register, a Spanish company is all set to scoop up the parent company of two major Connecticut Natural Gas Utilities -- Energy East (owner of SCG and CNG). This will put them at the helm of over 3 million customers across New England and New York, including roughly 300,000 in CT. They say they will focus on improving infrastructure. The deal awaits approval from FERC, state agencies and shareholders.


Elliot said...

Bruce, you say that Iberdrola will aquire two "Connecticut Natural Gas Utilities -- Energy East (owner of SCG) and CNG"

Actually, they are aquiring just Energy East (based in Maine). Both SCG and CNG are subsidiaries of Energy East.


CT Energy said...

You are correct. I misread the article. I will move my parentheses immediately.

Anonymous said...
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