Friday, June 15, 2007

GE Solar Installation

CCEF has awarded a $722,000 grant to General Electric (#7 on the Fortune 500 list) so that they can install their own solar panels on their corporate headquarters in Fairfield. The 168KW system is to be a demonstration unit to encourage other companies to follow the same path.
Asked why a large, profitable corporation like GE would need financial help from the state, O'Toole said one reason "is to show you have to invest in new technologies. Companies cannot do it alone."
Yes, that's $722,000 of public funding for GE to show the world that their solar panels are not economically viable. I'm not really feeling this one.

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Anonymous said...

This good old boy, corporate insider bull. Bigelow, Whole Foods and United Natural Foods all have committments to projects that enhance their CT viability not just window dressing for "ecoimages" bout matching the $722K, Mr. Immelt and installing a thousand solar roofs at CT schools before 2010

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