Monday, June 4, 2007

More meat in the Energy & Efficiency Bill

I've been browsing over a summary of the pending energy bill and I would say there is quite a bit more meat in there than I had realized. In my last post I had said that we would be better served by an electric industry that did not increase profits with increased electricity usage. That's exactly what the legislature has proposed:

The bill requires DPUC, in rate cases that begin after the bill's passage, to order electric and gas companies to decouple their distribution revenues from the volume of sales. It can do this by a sales adjustment clause, rate changes that increase the amount of revenues recovered through fixed distribution charges, a mechanism that adjusts actual distribution revenues to reflect allowed revenues, or a combination of these measures. In making its choice, DPUC must consider the impact of such “decoupling” and the rate of return the company earns on its equity and make necessary adjustments.

I must say I am definitely feeling a bit better about this energy bill. Some other measures worth noting:
Rebates for energy efficient heating equip. installations
Mandatory property tax exemptions for renewable installations
New buildings over $5 million must meet LEED silver standard
Restoring previously-raided funds to Conservation & Clean Energy funds
Real-time pricing options for all customers

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