Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Still waiting on some meaningful energy policy to materialize. The Boston Globe reports:

Earlier this year, House Speaker James Amann, D-Milford, said he expected a package of reforms aimed at addressing Connecticut's energy woes within the first 30 days of this year's legislative session. But the two leaders of the energy committee are still trying to craft a compromise bill to present to the full legislature.

This session ends June 6.


Anonymous said...

The CT Clean Air Fund's 10 projects were underwhelming.
Did they can the previous director who was under suspicion?

Last years $50,000 75kw (iirc) fuel cell generator was a dissapointment too. Thats a lot of money to power 10 homes.

I just found a paper on a dozen WVO and SVO powered diesel generator's in Germany. Several have been running WVO for a few years. 50kW to a 1MW , iirc.

Also, I read about Dana Linscott's endeavor to run a small business off-grid using 4 small WVO generators. They claim payback in 3-4 years just on the peak shaving fee's they get from the utility and insurance savings ( cause they have freezers that won't melt now ).
Thats not even counting the reduced electric costs due to cheap WVO.

Not as high tech as fuel cells, but much more realistic for the immediate future.

JIm Burke

Anonymous said...

Here's the link mentioned to the WVO generators:

Bigger ones are planned, of 5 and 17 MW.

Anonymous said...

I was wrong about the CCEF's Wallingford fuel cell.
It's only 15kW BACKUP (!)
and cost $500,000

I know CCEF is supposed to be fostering new technologies,
but a backup diesel generator would only cost 1/10 that cost, and would be renewable too if run from biodiesel or veggie oil.

Another slice of pork anyone?

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