Friday, March 16, 2007

Al Gore's Tree Farm

Just for kicks, I did a little back-of-the-envelope calculation to see how many trees Al Gore would have to plant to offset his electric bill. Here are the results:

Each and every year, Al will have to plant 7656 trees over a plot of about 13 acres. These trees will swallow his massive 114 tons of carbon dioxide over the course of 100 years. But that's not all. This only covers his electricity consumption for one single home. It will not cover his home heating useage, extensive travel, manufacturing of his books & movies etc. His real footprint is much, much larger. He'd better get out the overalls and start digging!

66-91 trees per metric tonne CO2 (Edinburgh Center for Carbon Management)
191,000 kilowatt hours used in 2006 (
1.341 pound CO2 per KWh (EIA -- 1999, but close enough)

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