Thursday, October 8, 2009

87% of CT is paying too much for electricity

It's been more than a decade since deregulation gave Connecticut electricity customers the right to choose an electricity provider. For many of those years, there was little or no choice but now, with utility rates in the stratosphere, there are many alternatives with lower rates. You can even get a 100% renewable energy option for LESS than the utility's standard rate.

Click here to see all the choices you have. To see your monthly savings, look at the total kWh on your bill and enter that number in the field near the top that says "Estimated monthly svings are based on...".

Most of these allow you to sign up on line. Be careful as some have contracts with cancellation fees. Also, some are variable rates, so you may want to keep up to date with the going rates and be ready to switch.


Anonymous said...

Once the CL&P and UI contracts they signed at a time of higher rates expire the differential between the utilities and these brokers should disappear.

The reason for these lower prices is slack electric demand and plummeting natural gas prices- it's a good time to be buying electricity.

Charles said...

The benefits of using these other companies can be astronomical. I work with Low Cost Power. They can reduce your energy cost
by as much as $250 a year using the same energy you receive from your current carrier.

toddjames said...

I agree with Charles, current electricity rates are inflated due to lack of competition among energy suppliers. Low Cost Power cuts costs by making it difficult for a single Connecticut Electricity Company to dictate prices.

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