Thursday, December 6, 2007

New choice for electric provider

A Milford, CT company, "Public Power & Utility", is now offering competitive rates to residential and commercial electric customers. They are charging 10.5 cents/KWh compared to UI's current rate of 12.4. Click here to read more about it and click here for a complete list of providers.

3 comments: said...

What fuel does PP&U use to generate its power? Has to be either natural gas or coal, my guess is NG. But despite searching the web for nearly 20 minutes (!) I could find nary a word -- and nothing on the PP&U site. And I doubt consumers ever even think about this, much less ask. And shouldn't HOW a supplier generates electricity be an important factor in deciding which power company to buy from?

CT Energy said...

Actually, PP&U does not generate any electricity. They merely act as brokers to buy and sell electricity that other companies generate.

I will post some charts today regarding fuels in CT and the Northeast.

Here is the national fuel composition for electric generation. said...

I am not surprised about PP&U being just a broker. Does anyone have any idea WHO actually generates the power that we pay for in CT? I know about the nuke plant, and the bridgeport coal plant, etc. but I'd love to know who actually gets the money I pay for my electricity (I understand that this is not a simple question, because of the way electricity is generated and then dumped into the grid). I've heard that in fact transmitting companies like UI and CP&L almost never have contracts directly with power producers, but almost always with brokers, who in many cases are hedge funds! Do you know if thhis is this true? (Also, after some poking around I get the impression that these contracts signed by UI and CP&L are considered business secrets and it is impossible for the public to learn what's in them. Do you know if that is also true?)

(PS The info you mention will no doubt be enlightening for many, though for myself I'm actually quite familar with EIA data).