Thursday, December 27, 2007

Enormous fuel cell power plant coming to Milford

Enormous by fuel cell standards, anyways. This 9 megawatt plant is estimated to cost $35 million ($3900/kW) and will be fueled by natural gas. The plant's efficiency is expected to be 60%, about the same as a modern combined cycle natural gas plant (~$600/kW).

While this is considered a huge fuel cell installation, it will provide a relatively small amount of electricity -- about 2% of the capacity of the mid-sized 455MW New Haven Harbor Station power plant.

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I found the headline in the New Haven register -- and the story -- very misleading. The reference to "clean" energy in the headline suggests that the plant will generate electricity from solar, wind or geothermal sources. But in fact, the proposed power plant will use natural gas as its fuel. The reporter quoted State Rep. Richard Roy saying this project is part of the state's efforts to "get away from fossil fuels and toward 'renewables'." But then they failed to note that natural gas is in fact a fossil fuel and definitely not renewable. And they should also have made a connection between the increasing demand for NG and the Broadwater proposal. No wonder citizens are confused about these issues!

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UI Dupes Milford on "Clean Energy"

The most clever profiteer in Milford is by far The United Illuminating Company who has achieved a stellar profit record for their share holders and future interests. In 2007 UI was able to circumvent the "Windfall Profits Tax", duped the CT House of Representatives with (HB 7432) by charging you "for lost profits", charging you again for a "Rebate Program", UI "Defrauded" customers with meters that overcharge, was "gifted" a brand new power grid, and most insulting of all won permission to raise our electrical rates 90% in just a few years.

With such a solid business climate you would think that UI would be satisfied, as a matter of fact they decided to do business with Energy Inc. to reopen what they call a "clean power plant" here in Milford. This partnership is with a company that owns TEN, a company that is now in court with Attorney General Blumenthal for allegations that it breached its contract and overcharged taxpayers over 14 Million Dollars. TEN even has gone so far as to attempt a disruption of power to important buildings at the State Capitol.

With such a marred controversial record, are we now to believe and trust that UI and NRG burning natural gas is "clean?" The facts indicate otherwise, as these natural gas plants will likely need to obtain their fuel from a foreign source. The North East peaked on oil and gas some time ago, and a opportunity has been created for a controversial LNG or Liquefied Natural Gas facility off the coast of CT in NY waters. Unfortunately the game is "afoot" because NY Gov. Pataki is holding the fate of CT's waterfront. If the Gov. approves the LNG than UI scores another big victory while we the inhabitants of this state lose yet again.

Make no mistake, mining for Gas is not "Eco friendly" an LNG is not "Eco-friendly" and the billowing smoke coming out of UI's smoke stack will still create massive CO2 "greenhouse gas" emissions with reduced air quality in our town. The only thing "clean" about gas is that it puts less mercury into the environment. This comes at a huge price, the price being a "reshuffling" of environmentally destructive sources. Do not believe the news in the Milford Mirror as fact because they originate from UI press releases and connected sources. They are intended to make you feel content with their 700 Million dollar plant opening right near your home as somehow safe.

The real kicker, aside from, obvious health risks, the transport of more toxic and explosive gas and chemicals, and increased traffic congestion, is UI's demand that we pay them yet again as a reward for building a "clean" plant. UI has yet done too little to remediate the massive mercury and methylmercury problem they created just a few short years ago. To any naysayers out there, if it has a billowing smokestack it is not clean, it is as simple as that.

Rocco J. Frank Jr.
Candidate Milford State Rep.
Devon District 118th

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Also related links on this article at Links pertain to induced Respiratory illnesses in adults and children living near energy plants.

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Check out some positive things that the Milford Earth Day Committee are doing with Civic organizations and Girl / Boy Scouts.

We need bodies to sign up now. Answer the call!! Let's clean up Milford on May 17 2008

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