Friday, August 19, 2011

English Station ducks wrecking ball, for now

Demolition plans fall apart due to environmental concerns. Read more from the New Haven Independent.

I have to admit I'm a little confused. They were pumping oil out of transformers, so obviously they were not pumping fuel oil. PCBs were used as dilectric cooling fluid for transformers during most of the life of this power plant. So...should it be a surprise to discover a "99%" concentration of PCBs? I take issue with the characterization of this concentration being "very high". It's almost pure PCB.

I still don't understand why no one is going after Quinnipiac Energy to find out what happened to the clean-up money. Does anyone know where they are and has anyone tried to audit that account? UI? City of New Haven?

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Edgehood said...

It may seem backwards, but if the city did end up cleaning up and owning English Station and renovated the outside, it could eventually become something that generated revenue.

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