Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Food-to-energy in Waterbury

A Mass group wants to turn former Brass plant (and current "brownfield") into a power plant fueled by food waste.  The plant would generate about 10 megawatts of electricity.  This is a respectable amount of power, though not large by industry standards.  For comparison, a typical fossil fuel plant which will produce several hundred or thousands of megawatts.  A large fuel cell power plant will produce several hundred kilowats or a few (<5) megawatts
Old Brass Mill In Waterbury Eyed For Food Waste Power Plant (Hartford Courant)
Praise and concerns from Waterbury blogger Bryan P. Baker


Helios Power and Control said...
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Helios Power and Control said...

so many questions hang in the air, bruce, around this concept. My google search revealed the need for "sorting" the waste, then loading the biowaste into "cookers." Yes, we know methane burns very tidily, but will the public face of this plant be an open garbage facility like a recycling station or landfill? Will the site be as isolated and prvate as the incinerator/cogen facility here in Preston? if not, i'd be wary of burdening Waterbury with that kind of "pig farm on steroids" atmosphere. Is this just a hard choice between enterprise and lifestyle?

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