Sunday, November 23, 2008

Biodiesel gets boost from state grants

Keep an eye out for more opportunities to buy biodiesel in CT. Seven grants of $50k apiece have been awarded to companies around the state to encourage distribution of renewable biodiesel fuel, which can be used for home heating and transportation. Click here for more info.

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Jim Burke said...

Thats good news.
Here's a cuurent list:

Also, BioPur in Bethlehem is rumoured to have off road B100 for $2.something.

Mostly bad news otherwise.
Suffield plant was nixed by the voters. The F&S Chesire plant remains shuttered. And the Bio 1 guy down the street still can't going, but he's still plugging along.

Me, I'm closing in on 100,000 miles running WVO and SVO in my TDI. Still working fine.

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