Tuesday, October 28, 2008

UI seeks to raise rates

UI wants to raise distribution rates -- apparently we are not using enough electricity.  The new rates, they say, will cover $62.5 million in revenues that were previously approved by the DPUC but not collected due to reduced consumption, increased bad debts, and increased expenses to ensure reliability.  The increase to the distribution portion of your bill would be about 34% over two years for typical residential customers.  An average user would see roughly a 8% increase to their total bill.  More details on the rates below.

A public meeting was held in New Haven last night.  Though UI's announcement regarding this meeting was dated Oct 6th, I didn't receive mine until yesterday.  There will be a public meeting Dec 10 at Bridgeport City Hall and another in New Haven on Dec 16th at the Hall of Records, 200 Orange St.

Ratepayers blast 20% UI hike New Haven Independent

Rate increases (click for larger image):
***UPDATE 11/3/08: rate request numbers have changed.  I'll update later tonight, but  nothing dramatically different***
Most residential customers use  "R" rates. 

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lk said...

The Office of Consumer Council recommended a $12.8 Million increase over two years in a September press release --
OCC Files Testimony Against Proposed United Illuminating Rate Case,

And Blumenthal wants no increase --
Attorney General Says United Illuminating Rate Increase Must Be Rejected

If you want to delve further, the testimony of the experts that the OCC used is on the DPUC website, in Docket 08-07-04, in you click far enough --

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