Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Greenwich considers biodiesel

The city of Greenwich is considering phasing in biodiesel to fuel city vehicles.


Anonymous said...

Why is the government - from the feds to municipalities - so hot on biodiesel? The commercially available biodiesels are blends of foreign oil with a dash of American energy crops. Not exactly the earth friendly liquid gold they'd like to believe it is.

CT Energy said...

You may consider these blends small, but even a few percent replaces billions of gallons of oil each year. While it is not available yet, blends of up to 20% have been shown to be adequate for use in the Northeast. Even more in the summer months. That's an enormous amount of oil displacement.

Another reason that government fleets are looking to biodiesel is that it creates a larger market which should drive down prices for everyone. Basically helping it over the hump (though by now production levels are such that the fuel is more or less cost competitive).

Also, Biodiesel has an excellent energy payback -- 3+ times what you put into it.

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