Saturday, May 5, 2007

Decisions, decisions

I dozed off for a minute and when I woke up... I found out we now have FOUR choices for energy providers in UI's district! Stamford, CT-based MXenergy joins Levco (subdivision of Northeast Utilities), Conn Ed, and Constellation New Energy in the marketplace...oh yeah, you still have the standard offer if these guys aren't good enough so I guess that really makes 5 choices. I tried to check MXenergy for rates, but it doesn't seem like they're really ready to take on customers. I had to fill out a form and they will let me know when they are servicing my district. I will note once again that until the rates went up residential customers had exactly ZERO alternatives in this district, bolstering my argument that the artificially low standard offer stifled competition against the utility monopolies.

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MXpressions said...

MXenergy is now servicing United Illuminating. The rate is 11.8 cents per kWh, just under the utility's rate of 11.95

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