Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Aussies and Farmers

Well folks, I'm up to my neck in boxes but I finally got my internet connection up and running so I should be able to get back to business very soon.

US Sustainable Energy Corp. has partnered with the Central Connecticut Cooperative Farmer's Association to produce a "carbon-based" fertilizer to replace typical fossil fuel fertilizers. One of the downsides of crop-based fuels is, like with any large-scale agricultural process, we still use a large amount of fossil fuels to grow plants. Here's the article.

The Australian gives props to Yale for committing to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 43% by 2020. Where Yale came up with that goal we may never know (why not 40% or 50%? did Harvard commit to 42%?). What this article shows to me is the value of encouraging high-profile institutions to embrace responsible energy practices. While the actions of one university alone can scarcely make a dribble in the bucket, the world is obviously watching and they very well may inspire Australian institutions to follow suit.

(BTW, that really is me in front of the Sidney Opera House.)

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